Advanced Placement (AP)

A minimum score of 3 is required to receive advance placement and/or degree credit. The Registrar, in consultation with the department concerned, determines how the credit is to be identified on the student’s permanent record. Credit for AP courses may be used to satisfy general education requirements and elective credit. Whether or not AP credit in a given discipline can be used to satisfy major or minor requirements in that discipline is to be determined by the academic department responsible for that major.

Stillman may award credit for any of the subject-area examinations equivalent to the general courses listed below:

AP Examination SC Equivalent Hours Awarded
Biology BIO 141-142 8
English Composition (with essay) ENG 131-132 6
World Civilization HIS 131 3
American History HIS 132 3
Chemistry CHM 141-142 8
French I & II FRN 131-132 6
Spanish I & II SPN 131-132 6
Mathematics (Algebra) MAT 131 3
Mathematics (Trigonometry) MAT 132 3