Basic Charges

Basic Charges--
Boarding Student

Per Semester

Per Year 





Mandatory Fees+






Knox Hall



Off Campus Leased










Total Basic Charges**

$  10,493.00


Tax on Meals

$    183.00

$ 336.00

Grand Total

$  10,676.00


*Basic tuition charges allow student to enroll in 12 to 18 credit hours.
**Charges will vary according to residence hall assignment. Totals presented include the highest residence hall rate.
***Menu variety is provided for diet-conscious students. Special menus are available for physician-ordered, restricted diets.  A meal plan is required of all resident students and is billed for the full semester.


Basic Charges-Non-Boarding Students




$ 9,548.00

Mandatory Fees+

$  922.00

$  1,844.00

Grand Total




Mandatory Fees+ and Special Charges


Per Semester   

(Special charges must be added to basic charges)


Student Teaching (only applies to Education Majors)


Matriculation Fee+


Late Registration (per day late)


Graduation Fee (only applies to those who submit graduation application)


Student Activities Fee+


The College Fund/UNCF+


Part-time Tuition (Per Credit Hour)


Overload (Per Credit Hour)


Application Fee (non-refundable)


Payment Plan Fee

$ 50.00

Residence Hall Reservation and Breakage Deposit


Athletic Fee $125.00
Band Fee $150.00
Health Fee $65.00
Housing Fee $15.00
Technology Fee $150.00

*Varies by residence hall. Room reservation fees are required on a semester basis but are applied to the student's account resulting in no additional fee.
+Mandatory Fees added to all student accounts


Undergraduate Tuition for Online Classes  Per Credit Hour


Students who are 100% online will also be charged Technology Fee and Matriculation Fee            

Basic Charges-Professional & Continuing Education Per Semester  
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees* $5,696.00
Per Credit Hour/Part Time $398.00
*Applies to students in regular degree programs  

Students taking courses totaling less than 12 credit hours will be charged tuition at the rate of $398.00 per credit hour. A student taking over 18 credits in a semester will be charged an additional tuition fee of $223.00 per hour. Transportation and other costs associated with Student Teaching are the responsibility of each student.