Biomedical Science (Pre-medicine) Program

Stillman’s Biomedical Science (Pre-Medicine) Program provides a broad-based course of study in the liberal arts that makes it possible for a student to meet the requirements for biomedical graduate and professional programs (medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, etc.) while majoring in a specific discipline. To pursue a biomedical science course of study at Stillman, one may elect a program leading to a biology or chemistry degree. Stillman College students who successfully complete its rigorous Biomedical Science Program will meet the requirements for admission to medical school, and other professional program, and will possess the skills necessary for further success in that direction.

Criteria for admission to the Biomedical Science Program include a minimum GPA of 3.0, and appropriate high school courses in math, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Persons interested in additional information about the Biomedical Science Program should contact the Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences, Dr. Moses Darpolor,

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