Campus Christian Life

During Reconstruction, Dr. Charles Stillman, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, conceived of an institution for the education of African American ministers.  Dr. Stillman’s conception became reality as it was chartered by the Presbyterian Church in 1875, and opened its doors in 1876. Named after its founder, Stillman College evolved into a place where one was able to earn a bachelor’s degree at a Christian institution regardless of race or gender.

Accordingly, the College provides a variety of opportunities for the development of students’ spiritual lives. The Dean of Chapel coordinates Campus Christian Life programming. The Christian Student Association (CSA) contributes to its planning and implementation.  A variety of programs are offered, such as worship services, convocations, concerts, and lecture series. These programs are planned and affected as indicated by the needs and interests of the students. The Dean of Chapel gives leadership and supervision to faculty in the planning and implementation of these programs.  The Dean of Chapel and the Religion and Theology faculty provide religious counseling for students.