Credit for Prior Learning Experiences

A student seeking credit for prior learning experiences must prepare a portfolio to be evaluated by members of the faculty through the department(s) appropriate for the credit being requested.

Any student interested in prior learning assessment should contact the Provost to discuss the possibility of earning credit for prior learning. This preliminary discussion will determine whether the student’s experience warrants a formal assessment by the faculty.  If the Provost approves, the student must submit a petition to prepare the portfolio and submit to the Provost. A non-refundable fee of $50 per course credit sought will be payable upon submission of the petition. The student is provided with a signed copy of the petition to take to the academic department appropriate to the credit being requested. The Department Chair assigns a faculty member to assist the student in preparing the portfolio to document the learning experiences.

In compiling the portfolio, the student must identify the learning, express it in terms of college level curriculum or competencies, relate it to his or her overall educational and career objectives and compile the evidence to demonstrate the competence. The Department Chair reviews the portfolio in consultation with the faculty and makes a recommendation concerning its acceptance to the Division Dean.  The Division Dean reviews the portfolio along with the recommendation from the Department Chair and makes the decision concerning whether course credit will be granted. If approved, the Division Dean provides the registrar with the Credit for Prior Learning Experiences Approval Form and notifies the student. If denied, the Dean will provide the student with a written explanation for the denial.

Ideally, completing this process allows a student to avoid the duplication of learning, to build on the learning previously acquired, and shorten the time it takes to earn a degree.  Guidelines for portfolio preparation may be obtained from the Provost. Credit earned through an assessment of prior learning cannot be duplicated through any other mechanism for earning credit.  Prior learning credit is not transferable. A maximum of 12 credit hours may be earned through the Credit for Prior Learning Experiences process.