Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration prepares students of diverse levels of academic preparation for places of leadership and service in society by providing a quality, in-depth, and stimulating education in business administration. The department supports the mission of the College by providing an educational experience that is characterized by personal attention and guidance to students; a commitment to continuous curriculum development; utilization of technology to enhance instructional delivery; and emphasis on extracurricular activities that promote student leadership and an understanding of contemporary business practices. It is the primary goal of this unit to provide a high quality education for the development of future business leaders who are uniquely qualified to manage in a technologically advanced global marketplace.

Additionally, the major in Business Administration prepares students for entry-level employment opportunities in business, industry, government agencies, and for graduate and professional study.  Upon successful completion of the academic program in the department a student will earn the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in: (1) Accounting; (2) Management; (3) Marketing; or (4) Supply Chain Management & Logistics.