Department of English, Journalism, and Media Communications

The Department of English, Journalism, and Media Communications supports the core curriculum with student-centered instruction in languages, literature, composition, speech, and journalism, and prepares students for graduate study and varied professional careers. The Department also supports the mission of the college by helping to produce graduates who express themselves clearly through writing and speaking, use technology skillfully, demonstrate the ability to do independent research, and exhibit a strong commitment to service.

The Department of English, Journalism, and Media Communications offers two Bachelor of Arts degrees: one in English and one in journalism.

English majors interested in law may participate in the Pre-law Program described in “Special Programs.” This program includes elective courses in writing, speech, theatre, social science, and other liberal arts, which will help majors acquire the knowledge and skills needed for the intense competition for admission to law school.

The Department encourages the use of English as part of a double major for any discipline for students interested in increasing employment options and in preparing for graduate or professional schools. Through internships and practicum, students gain beneficial work experience.

A major in English prepares graduates for graduate/professional study and/or careers in the following areas: public speaking, mass media, English, law, editing, education, communication, advertising, business, information processing, technical writing, and library science.

A major in journalism prepares graduates for graduate/professional study and/or careers in the profession: mass media, editing, advertising, business, publishing, and public relations.

English majors seeking secondary teaching certification must follow the state curriculum of prospective teachers of English Language Arts and maintain the 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) required for admission to the Stillman Teacher Education Program (STEP). Students admitted to the English program must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in English and must pass ENG 199/200, or the equivalency courses: ENG 131/132, and in the second semester of the sophomore year, must participate in a skills assessment for guidance purposes.