General Education Requirements

As a liberal arts college, Stillman requires its students to pursue general education objectives to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills that every college educated person ought to exhibit. Of the 120 semester hours required for graduation 50 credit hours are devoted to general education studies. *Two one-credit hour orientation courses, STI 111 and STI 114, are required of all first year freshmen. Transfer students who have not earned two hours of orientation credit are required to take one additional hour of orientation.

All students are required to complete a core of courses that are designed to provide intellectual and aesthetic experiences. The core of courses will have the fundamental qualities of critical, analytical, and integrative thinking which will enable the student to solve problems, to make both intellectual and value judgments, and to function effectively in a rapidly changing world environment.

General Education Core Courses Credits
REL 131-132 6
REL 200 or 300 level 6
LOG 330 Logic 3
ENG 131-132 English Composition I & II* 6
SPE 232 Public Speaking 3
HUM 130 African American Heritage 3
HPR 121 Lifetime Wellness 2
MAT 101 Quantitative Literacy** 3
PHY 131 Physical Science*** 3
CSC 121 Computer Literacy**** 2
BIO 131 Life Science***** 3
BUS 210 Financial Literacy 1
EDU 310 Test Taking Strategies 1
HIS 131 World Civilization 3
Social Science (PSY 230, PSC 230, PSC 239; HIS 132, BUS 233, BUS 234, GEO 231) 3
STI 111 and STI 114 Orientation 2
Total General Education Hours 50

* Students majoring in English and Journalism take ENG 199-200

** Students majoring in Business, Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Psychology or Mathematics will take MAT 131 Algebra

*** Students majoring in Biology take PHY 243 and students majoring in Elementary Education take PHY 141

**** Students majoring in Elementary Education take EDU 230; Students majoring in Business may take BUS 231, and Students majoring in Special Education take SPED 420

***** Students majoring in Biology take BIO 141 and students majoring in Elementary Education take BIO 143