General Regulations

Detailed regulations are included in the Student Handbook available to each student.  Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with contents of the Handbook.  The Vice President for Student Affairs may, through appropriate processes, alter the regulations when necessary.

• Lounges are provided in residence halls for visitation purposes.  Non-resident students and non-students must obtain permission from the Residence Hall Director to visit a student’s room.  Residence hall facilities are not freely available to non-residents and non-students. Lounges are provided in the Hay College Center for all students.  (See Visitation Policy)

• A charge is levied each semester to students responsible for damages in the residence halls. A prorated charge is also levied to students who vacate the halls prior to the end of the semester. (See Student Expenses Section for details.)

• All vehicles operated on campus must be registered with Campus Police. Each operator must possess a valid driver’s license, proof of liability insurance, and purchase a decal.

• Unlicensed drivers and drivers without insurance are not permitted to operate a vehicle on campus.   I.D. cards must be presented to identify the driver to on-campus police officers or college officials.

• A completed Stillman College Medical Record form, which includes the results of various medical tests, documentation of a physical examination, and a copy of the student’s immunization record is required of each student prior to enrollment at the College.

• The College requires that all students enrolled provide current information regarding mailing addresses outside of the campus. Whenever a student’s local or permanent address changes, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the Registrar’s Office in writing of such changes. The College assumes no responsibility for mailings that may be lost, displaced, etc., when proper notification has not been received.