Grading System

Grades are awarded at Stillman College for courses according to the following table of letter grades and point values:

Grade Point Value
A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0

F (earned)

FA (Failure due to absences)



I Incomplete
NC No Credit
W Withdrawal
WD Administrative Withdrawal
WP Withdrawal Passing
WF Withdrawal Failing

In English composition courses only, the following grades may be reported: A, B, C, D, F and NC (No Credit).  The “NC” grade is not included in the computation of the student’s grade point average. A grade of “C” or better is required in all freshman English courses and is a prerequisite for advancement to another English course.

Grades of “I” (Incomplete) should be removed by the eighth week of classes in the following term in residence, unless the Provost grants an extension.  Students on academic probation must remove the grade of “I” before the last day for registration and schedule changes in the following semester. Students who do not return for the following semester after assignment of an “I” will have to repeat the course, unless the student arranges to remove the “I” prior to the beginning of the following semester.

Students in the Stillman Accelerated Management Program must have the “I” removed by the end of the subsequent module in which the student is enrolled (see the STAMP handbook for details).