HPR 336: Methods/Materials for Teaching Physical Education P-12

Class Program
Credits 3

This course provides an overview of the curriculum, instructional methods, assessment methods, professionalism/dispositions, and the management of health and physical education in grades P-12. Teacher candidates will create short-term/long-term objectives, create and implement physical education content that is aligned with lesson plan objectives, utilize resources to create active and fair learning activities, plan and adapt learning instruction for diverse learners and students with exceptionalities, plan and create sequential instruction for all learners, and integrate current technology when planning and implementing lesson plans. Teacher candidates will demonstrate verbal/nonverbal communication skills, implement demonstrations and instructional cues, provide effective instructional feedback for skill acquisition, adjust instructional activities based on student responses/dispositions, incorporate classroom management strategies to ensure learning is safe, and implement projects that include independent learning activities, cooperative learning activities, and think-pair-share activities that promote personal accountability and social skills. In addition, teacher candidates will design and implement appropriate learning activities that include learning goals that are a) performance-based, measurable, and developmentally appropriate, and b) aligned with the Alabama Course of Study, local district standards, and national standards to address the diverse needs of all learners. Teacher candidates must demonstrate dispositions that are necessary to become an effective teacher. Dispositions/professionalism is assessed during field experience.


Admission to Teacher Education. Public or private school field experience is a requirement in Stillman Teacher Education Program (STEP). Membership in the Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA) is required in order to take this course.