Independent Study Program

Independent study opportunities are provided through this program for the regular or non-traditional student who may want or need to enroll in a course or undertake a project for enrichment or expansion of his or her knowledge base through out-of-class experiences. The Independent Study Program serves traditional and non-traditional students, sophomores and above, providing they meet the GPA requirement and other qualifications established by the faculty.

a.  Opportunities for independent study in departmental approved courses are open to students based on policies adopted by the faculty and on availability of faculty.

b. A student may register for no more than two independent study courses or 6 credit hours of independent study during a semester.

c. A student may receive credit for a maximum of 12 semester hours of independent study courses/projects in completing requirements for any degree offered by the College.  (This does not apply to students in Teacher Education who are limited by the Alabama State Department of Education to 6 semester hours of independent study).