Payment Plan(s)

Payment of all charges each semester is due and payable in advance or at registration. Upon approval by the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs or Business Manager before or during registration, payment may be made according to an installment plan designed to ease the financial burden on students and parents. The installment plan calls for payment of 85% of all charges at or prior to registration and payment of the balance in three equal amounts as follows:

Fall Semester

September 15
October 17
November 15

Spring Semester

February 15
March 15
April 16

NOTE:  Payment Plans are not available for Summer School.

Dates are subject to change.

A student who uses the installment plan will be assessed a deferred payment fee of $25.00 and must execute a promissory note.  Students who fail to meet the deadlines for payment of all charges may be assessed a late payment fee based on the outstanding balance.  In addition, all charges must be paid in full before the student can receive course grades, be allowed to graduate, or have transcripts issued. Any costs incurred by the College in collecting delinquent accounts will be charged to the student.

Payments can be made via money order, check, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover), debit card or cash.  All cash payments must be made at the Business Office cashier window. Credit and Debit card payments can be accepted at the Business office or over the telephone.  To make payment over the telephone, call (205) 366-8873. To make payments online, go to

Check payments should be made payable to Stillman College and mailed to: Stillman College

Business Office
3601 Stillman Blvd.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-2618

(Do not send cash in the mail)

For safety, payments should be sent in the form of a money order or a cashier’s, certified, or personal check. The College reserves the right to refuse acceptance of personal checks in cases it deems appropriate. All forms of payments by mail must be accompanied by the complete name, student ID, and address of the student for whom the payment is intended.