Policy on Sequential Bachelor's Degrees

A student who has received a bachelor’s degree from Stillman or another regionally accredited institution and who wishes to earn a second degree must apply to and be accepted into Stillman for the second baccalaureate. The second degree can be earned in any major offered at Stillman College excluding Elementary Education.  In order to earn the second degree, the student must earn at least forty-five credits of coursework at Stillman College. Other requirements include the senior thesis, the senior departmental examination and:

1.   A major consisting of a minimum of 30 credit hours, together with related courses, has been completed to the satisfaction of the major department after the first degree has been completed.

2.   A minimum of 30 credit hours in general education must be completed, including courses in humanities/fine arts, social/behavioral sciences, and natural sciences/mathematics.

3.   Satisfaction of all financial obligations to the College has been satisfied.

4.   An overall grade point average of at least 2.00 in courses taken after the first degree.

5.   All required major courses have been passed with a grade of “C” or higher.

6.   An affirmative vote of the Faculty.