Stillman College awards scholarships to current and first-year students. Recipients are selected from a competitive pool of students based on the academic profile and details submitted in the application. The committee considers those who demonstrate strong academic performance and engagement in high school. This determination is based on the grade point average, community service, and leadership.

Band: Scholarship funds are awarded to band students based on individual achievements. The goal of the scholarship is to award students based on individual achievements and motivate students to continue participating in the Marching Band.

Athletics: Athletic scholarships are a great way to pay for college, and they are awarded based on individual talent.

Departmental: Academic Departments award scholarships from their prospective school, college, or academic department. These scholarships are awarded through the departments.

Transfer: Transfer Scholarships are awarded to students transferring from a two-year community college with sufficient hours to be classified as a Stillman College junior; based upon leadership and academic achievement at the community college.

Alumni: The program is designed to reward high school seniors and transfer students of alumni (family members) who graduated from Stillman College.

International: International scholarships are available to help international students pay for tuition.