Student Expenses

College expenses consist of (1) basic charges (tuition, room, meals); (2) special charges (required institutional and course fees, deposits, and book rental); (3) supplies; and (4) funds for personal needs. The cost to students for basic and special charges is set out in this section. The College reserves the right to change all charges and fees listed in this catalog without further notice.

Students are expected to meet their financial obligations to the College at the time of registration. If students are not able to pay their balance at registration, the College offers a payment plan, which must be paid by the end of the semester. The Office of Fiscal Affairs will mail each semester’s charges to the student and/or the person responsible for the account at least twice each semester. Proper management of financial resources, including personal finances, is considered a part of each student’s educational experience.


Basic Charges-Boarding Student

Per Semester


Per Year



Mandatory Fees+





Roulhac Hall



Off Campus Leased Housing







Total Basic Charges**



Tax on Meals



Grand Total




*Basic tuition charges allow student to enroll in 12 to 18 credit hours.

+ Mandatory Fees applicable to all students are indicated below.

**Charges will vary according to residence hall assignment. Totals presented include the highest on-campus residence hall rate.

***Meal rates vary depending on the number of meals within the meal plan.  Menu variety is provided for diet-conscious students. Special menus are available for physician-ordered, restricted diets.  A meal plan is required of all resident students and is billed for the full semester.

Basic Charges-Non-Boarding Students




$ 9,548.00

Mandatory Fees+



Grand Total




Mandatory Fees and Special Charges

Per Semester

(Special charges must be added to basic charges)


Student Teaching (applicable only to Education majors)


Matriculation Fee+


Athletic Fee+


Graduation Fee


Student Activities Fee+


The College Fund/UNCF+


Band Fee+


Technology Fee+


Housing Software Fee+


Magnus Health Fee+


Part-time Tuition (Per Credit Hour)


Overload (Per Credit Hour)


Application Fee (non-refundable)


Payment Plan Fee

Residence Hall Reservation and Breakage Deposit

*Varies by residence hall  Room reservation fees are required on a semester basis but are applied to the student's account resulting in no additional fee.                                                                                                                     

+Mandatory Fees added to all student accounts

$ 50.00


Undergraduate Tuition for Online Classes Per Credit Hour
Fees applicable to 100% online students are Technology Fee and Matriculation Fee   $131.66
Basic Charges-Professional & Continuing Education Per Semester
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees* $5,646.00
Per Credit Hour/Part Time $398.00

*Applies to students in regular degree programs

Students taking courses totaling less than 12 credit hours will be charged tuition at the rate of $398.00 per credit hour. A student taking more than 18 credits in a semester will be charged an additional tuition fee of $223.00 per hour over 18 credits. Transportation and other costs associated with Student Teaching are the responsibility of each student.