Student Government

Each student enrolled in Stillman College is a member of the Student Government Association and thus has voting privileges in matters presented to the student body by the Student Government Association Council.

The elected officers of the Student Government Association are President, Executive Vice President, Executive Secretary, Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, External Affairs, Student Affairs, and Fiscal Affairs, and Miss Stillman. All executive powers of the Student Government Association are vested in the President with designated responsibilities assigned to other elected officers and the Coordinating Council of Student Organizations.  The President also appoints a Chief of Staff, Student Court Judge, and two representatives to the Board of Trustees. The President in conjunction with other executive officers and the Senate has the function of establishing student court to deal with violators of College regulations referred to it by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Through involvement and participation in the Student Government Association and college-wide committees, students are provided opportunities to share in the governance of the College.