The Military Science Program (ROTC)

The Department of Military Science at the University of Alabama provides opportunities for students to earn commissions in the United States Army or Air Force at the same time they work for their academic degrees at Stillman.  Students can achieve the enviable combination of a degree in a major field and a commission as an Army or Air Force Second Lieutenant.

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program is specifically designed to give college students on campus training and experience in the art of organizing, motivating, and leading others.  It includes instruction in developing self-discipline, physical stamina, and bearing qualities that are important parts of leadership, contributing to success in any career.

Through a special cross-town arrangement, Stillman students may participate in the Army and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps program at the University of Alabama.  A student who completes one of these programs will qualify as a commissioned officer and will be ordered to active duty in the United States Armed Services.

A student may apply to either program at the beginning of his/her freshman year or may choose to apply at the end of the sophomore year.  While a student is enrolled in one of these programs, he/she will attend certain courses at the University of Alabama.

Stillman students are eligible to apply for scholarships under both the Air Force and Army programs. Additional information about either program is available from the respective ROTC units at the University of Alabama or from the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Stillman.