Transfer Admissions

1.     Students must be in good standing if transfer is to be allowed. Neither academic probation nor suspension can be in effect at the previous or current college attended.

2.    Only official transcripts from accredited institutions, recognized by a regional accrediting agency are acceptable.

3.    If the student has earned less than 24 semester hours, he/she may be required to submit an official high school transcript or GED scores as well as ACT or SAT scores.

4.    Grades of A, B or C from the Sending Institution are eligible to be considered for transfer to Stillman.  Transfer grades of D will be accepted with the following exceptions:

  1. If a course grade higher than a D is required to fulfill graduation requirements for a major, then the transfer credit must reflect a C or better in order to fulfill the major requirement.  In this case, the student will have to repeat the course(s) to earn a grade of C or better.

  2. If the transfer credit is to serve as a prerequisite for a course at Stillman, the prerequisite course must be passed with a grade higher than a D in order, to fulfill the prerequisite requirement.  In this case, the student will have to repeat the course to earn the required grade of C or better.

  3. If a grade of D was earned in English Composition I or English Composition II, the student will be required to repeat the course.  These two general education courses require a C or better of all students.

In the exceptions noted above, the student will have to repeat the transferred course(s) that has a D grade. Because the course(s) will be repeated, the student will be awarded credit hours only for the most recent grade.

5.    Credentials should be on file at least one month prior to the beginning of the term.

• Upon arrival at Stillman, all transfer students should have in their possession an official evaluation of their transcript by the Office of Admissions and or the department of intended major, listing courses accepted for transfer.

6.    Transfer credit in the major over ten years old may require validation by the student’s major department.

7. No developmental courses or courses with a pass or fail grade will be accepted for transfer.