ENG 200: English Composition II for English and Journalism Majors

Class Program
Credits 3

This the second course of the freshman English requirement for English and Journalism students who have indicated an interest in English and/or Journalism as a major. This course focuses on the reinforcement of skills in the areas noted in English 199—formal and informal texts involved with expository modes (form) in comparison/contrast, classification/division, causal analysis, and argument. It is designed to provide intensive practice in writing—a recursive process—and related skills (analytical reading, speaking, and listening). And the course requires the writing of argument/persuasion (concerning various rhetorical situations) and research papers. The course gives attention to language and mechanics relevant to grammar and usage appropriate for the writing process. Taken by majors in place of ENG 132.


Declaration of intention to major in English or journalism.

Prerequisite Courses