ENG 236: English Literature I

Class Program
Credits 3

This course is a comprehensive introduction to English literature from its beginning in the medieval period, and continuing through the Renaissance, the Restoration, and up to 1800. The course focuses on major movements in English historical traditions, as well as individual literary voices and styles. Literary texts will be studied in the context of important cultural influences, among them civil war, religious dissent, revolution, commercialization, colonialism, and industrialization. The course also gives attention to adolescent literature by focusing on adventure tales and poetry, such as Daniel Defoe and William Blake. Assessment tools are used to measure comprehension of literature studied, written about, and researched. Students explore different theories relevant to the variety of literature covered and may engage in collaborative communication through group dynamics (i.e., oral presentations) that build students’ leadership roles.


or ENG 199-200. 

Prerequisite Courses