ENG 331: Advanced Rhetorical Grammar

Class Program
Credits 3
This course is a study of English grammar in context to expository writing. Content will focus on the conventions of English language as they relate to traditional and contemporary grammatical, stylistic (formal and informal text), and rhetorical writing (with attention to audience, context, and purpose), all of which will be used to understand the concept of dialect and grammar systems in order to revise written assignments. This course will teach grammar and will provide practice in rhetorical modes. The course also gives attention to assessment tools to measure comprehension of literature studied, written about, and researched. Students explore different theories relevant to the acquisition of language and the influence of English language on the arts through a variety of literature covered, and students are exposed to different social languages present in society and will engage in collaborative communication through group dynamics (i.e., oral presentations, peer-review workshops, and pairings) that build students’ leadership roles. Students teach/present a grammar lesson derived from the literature of the course.

or ENG 199-200.

Prerequisite Courses