Stillman Online

Stillman Online is designed to provide students with the convenience of earning a college degree from home by enrolling in online courses in the discipline of your choice.

Currently, students can enroll in the following online programs.

Online courses are delivered in modular eight-week and in full term sixteen-week formats and designed so that students can manage their busy work schedules and their coursework while earning an undergraduate degree.

Stillman Online admits students who are just beginning their education or those who wish to complete their degree after having taken time away from their studies for various reasons. Success in an online educational program requires reliable high speed internet in the home, dependable access to a computer, and basic computer skills such as emailing, composing documents with the use of a word processing program, spreadsheet program, or presentation software program.

Admission to the program begins in the same way as other Special Programs at Stillman College by completing the online application and submitting transcripts of any prior academic work completed.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for Stillman Online are the same as the requirements for traditional programs.  

Transfer Credit

Policies regarding transfer credit for Stillman Online are the same as the policies for traditional students.

Tuition and Fees

Financial Aid